The Pilot of Longbow

Flt Lt David-John Gibbs RAF

David-John Gibbs (DJ) grew up in Southport and completed a degree in Aeronautical Engineering before joining the Royal Navy as a pilot. He flew the Sea King helicopter, seeing a diverse range of action including troop transportlong range search & rescue missions and surveillance operations in both the UK and overseas.

Advanced military flying skills

He subsequently specialised as a fixed wing flying instructor, teaching student pilots not only the basics, but also advanced military flying skills such as aerobatics and close formation.

RAF Tutor display pilot

After a period as a flight examiner for the world-renowned Central Flying School he transferred to the Royal Air Force where he was selected for a two year appointment as the RAF Tutor display pilot, conducting aerobatic displays at airshows around the countryEver the dedicated aviator, he flies several vintage and ex-military aircraft in his off-duty time from the military, including the BAC Jet Provost – powered by a Rolls Royce Viper turbojet. We are using two of the more powerful version of the Viper turbojet from the military BAC Strikemaster aircraft to propel our jet hydroplane Longbow.

Formula 4 racing powerboat

Outside aviation DJ is a keen boater, with a Formula 4 racing powerboat, a classic 1960s speedboat, a steam launchand he has a variety of other interests ranging from classic cars to fine dining.

Choice of Pilot

In this update: How did we select our pilot for Longbow?

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