This month we are pleased to announce a new sponsor coming on board with the venture by way of Marineware Ltd based in Hampshire as one of International Paints approved distributors. That is to say with the International Paints Perfection Pro system, Marineware mix the Perfection Pro colours actually on their premises and then transport them to the customer along with providing superb technical mentoring of surface preparation and application of the products. As their company name implies they also provide a host of other products for the marine industry but for ourselves at present the focus is on the paint we are applying to our jet hydroplane Longbow. 

From the above it was great to have a visit this month from Jamie Smith of Marineware who came to see Longbow under construction and teach us all about the Perfection Pro paint system, the environment required to apply it for the best results especially as we go into the cold wet winter months, including high relative humidity outside of the workshop. In addition to teach us all about surface preparation, having the right rollers for correct application, time between coats, methods and grades of abrasion between each coat, how to avoid problems along the way, etc. 

I must say after the difficulties we had over the last month with finding a paint system that was specifically designed for roller application and which put a complete stop on the build whilst we sourced a solution, it was a relief to be back in the workshop and moving the build of Longbow along once more as the following photos show.

One of the issues we had previously with sanding the fairing coats and primer on the hull of Longbow was the very fine particle size of the dust created not being fully retained by the vacuum we were using. As a result the workshop was covered in powder and it was becoming something of a losing battle to stay on top of it. Fortunately Darren Spinage of our sponsor Trend Tool Technology managed to come up with a solution by supplying us with one of their T33A Wet and Dry vacuums that has a pre-filter then main filter within it and that has made life so much better and indeed healthier in the workshop. 

As we progressed with the primer coats of Perfection Pro, Jamie of Marineware then sent us the undercoats and top coats of Perfection Pro and it really is just down to getting them on the hull. Sounds easy doesn’t it but there are three primer coats, three undercoats and three top coats so that is a lot of sanding of the entire hull between each coat.  

Whilst I would have liked to have made more progress this month with the painting and sanding of Longbow I got sidetracked with being dad and me being some use with tools by way of helping my youngest son and his girlfriend with jobs upon their first house that they have bought and moved into as they made it their own home. It is what family is all about helping with redecoration, the inevitable flat pack units to build, appliances to plumb in, new furnishings, wiring, etc such that Longbow had to take something of a back seat this month as I only have one pair of hands. 

However when it came around to my birthday this October I was reminded that what you put into your kids in trying to raise them as best you can, you more than get back in love and appreciation from them all.

The book referred to above is comedian Nick Offerman’s ‘Paddle Your Own Canoe’ which seemed rather apt and a recommended read. Nick is probably best known for playing the part of Ron Swanson in the television series ‘Parks and Recreation’ and for which my children seem to think Ron and I have similar traits. Personally I cannot think why that would be…….   

In other news and follow up to last month my eldest son Tom completed his London Marathon for his chosen charity of Age UK, so thank you to all those who kindly donated and the following photo shows him on the left running under Tower Bridge.  

Our good friend Dave Warby along with his team over in Australia are hoping to resume development runs of his jet hydroplane Spirit of Australaia II in November, if the COVID restrictions over there allow them to do so and for which we wish them every success. If that goes ahead then we will report back on how he gets on. 

Back here in England the easing of the pandemic restrictions has allowed the international annual Coniston Powerboat Records Week to take place after being postponed last year during lockdown. The five day event at Coniston which celebrates its 49th year of running was due to commence on the 1st of November but has been delayed a day in order to allow for the recent stormy conditions to abate and the resultant high levels of the lake to recede a little. Our best wishes to all those at Coniston Powerboat Records Week both who are entering the event along with all the sponsors, organisers and volunteers who together work so hard to ensure the event is run safely and make it the success that it is.

A few photos of records week at Coniston this morning courtesy of Brian Millin:

Thank you for dropping by to read this little update and hopefully I will have some more paint and news on Longbow by the next update towards the end of November. 

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